Monday, June 6, 2011


The quality or condition of being dense; thickness; stupidity.
I'm not stupid, in fact I'm pretty smart. I did all the school stuff well and I'm still a good student - love to learn. What I don't understand is how a bright person can be so dense.

Example: I've been blogging here for several days and every day I've thought things like, "I can't believe they don't let you change the font," and "It would be nice to use italics here," or "a link to this website would be cool."

Perfectly good thoughts, right? Until last night when I looked at the top of the posting box to see all kinds of options for changing the way things look, adding links, videos, everything.

Why did it take me a week to see? My eyes are fine.  It must be a brain thing.

Does anyone have an explanation? Am I the only one?

Please make your answers short and blunt.

Otherwise, I might miss your point, completely . . .


Krista said...

HA HA HA! Glad you found the tool bar, Carla! Very cute.

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