Saturday, June 11, 2011

Could I be a hero?

I've been wondering about inner demons that our heroes are supposed to have. I know there are big things like painful pasts, addictions, or even crime. More often, it seems that a character has demons that may not be so big, but that are important to justifying their personalities.

So, I started thinking about my weaknesses and wondered if a hero could be a hero, if they had the weaknesses I see in myself. I'm not a bad person, and yeah, I'm probably harder on myself than I should be, but still, it made me wonder.  What kind of a hero would I make - as I am now?

I'm going to try to give my heroes more believable weaknesses. That way, maybe readers will relate better to them. And, while I'm at it, I think I'll take an in depth look at myself. (Sunday is a good day for that.)

What makes a hero? Always doing the right thing? Overcoming great obstacles? Carrying life's burdens with style and grace? Maybe it's all about a person's choices made in the moment.

And maybe I'm more heroic than I think. At least some of the time . . .

Continued working on Kelli's Promise.


Norma said...

You'll always be a hero to me friend.

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