Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is it 21 or 28?

How many days does it take to form a habit?

Some say 3 weeks, some say 4 . . .

I've been writing on this blog every day for 24 days - in between the two goals.

It may not seem like much, but to me, it is an accomplishment. I have trouble sticking to anything for very long. Not because I don't want to stick to things. I'm a great goal setter and list/plan maker. I'm even a good starter -
exercise, organization, spiritual goals, health goals, writing - I start with a bang and I go, go, go, go, half-go, quarter-go, miss, miss, miss, miss - give up. Then I flounder for awhile, until that bug hits me again, and I start making plans and setting goals again.

Why? I'm not sure. I haven't always been this way. In fact, I have accomplished great amounts of things at different times in my life - things that even amazed me. But not lately.

Lately, everything is a struggle. I think I've finally figured out why.

God has been trying to tell me something.

He's been trying to tell me to get to the doctor.

He's been trying to answer my prayers, by getting me the help my body needs.

I haven't been listening - but I'm listening now.

I'm going to use my sticking to goals as a bit of a barometer - to see if I'm getting better. As I undergo the treatments that I need to help me heal, how well I do the little things daily toward my goals, will be my gauge.

And I'm only choosing 3 goals - each of them rather small and easy to accomplish. The point is that I let myself  have little successes consistently for now. When I'm feeling better, I will go for bigger goals.

Yes, this goes against my nature - but my natural tendency hasn't worked as of late, so small and few is it - for now.

  1. I will write every day (beyond the blog and beyond my journal). I will write at least 500 words toward a "professional project" each day.
  2. I will spend 15 minutes in the sun. (Walking if possible, sitting on the porch, if not)
  3. I will spend 15 minutes reading/studying spiritual writing each day.
I'll report each day at the end of my blog - so I guess reporting is another goal.

I'm going to make a chart now - a very simple chart (I tend to overdo). I love charts . . .


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