Friday, June 17, 2011

Author Websites

So, I was watching TV this evening, too tired to really think or do much and decided to look at some author websites, just to see what those who have already become professional writers are up to.

I was surprised. I checked out some of the really famous authors - I'm not going to name them, just trust me - they make a living with their little writing hobby! What surprised me was how simple their websites were. Beautiful, and pleasing to look at - really nice photos of the author, etc., but not all that showy or creative. (Ok, I admit it, I'm a visual person and I like interactive stuff.)

The twenty or so adult authors that I checked did what a website is supposed to do - told about the author and their books - they just didn't jump out and grab me.

Dan Brown's is the exception. His site is an adventure - and I liked it.

I decided to go to some YA authors sites, and as expected, they were a little more exciting - I'm sure because of who they are targeting. I have to admit that I've always liked JK Rowling's site because it looks like a messy desk and that's somehow comforting to me?

Kid's authors, for obvious reasons, have a lot of the stuff I like: animation, funny pictures, lots of stuff to explore. These are a few that I liked how they used animation:

Judy Blume                                       Shel Silverstein                                    Roald Dahl

Seth Godin, I think is kind of a marketing, non-fiction guy. What I liked about his site, is that you click on his bald head to read his blog - that's creative.

Then I decided to see how LDS authors stacked up. Of the ten or so I checked out, I found them professional and pleasing. I would rate them a little above the other adult sites I looked at. I don't know, maybe I'm biased.

Here's a couple that I liked, mostly because they made me laugh.

 Sarah Eden's site has a lot going on, which is cool, and the picture in the header is gorrrrgeous. (sorry, a little too much Haley Mills last weekend.) And the bruise on her chin with accompanying story today convinced me that I'm not the only one.

Tristi Pinkston also made me laugh because of the Friday funny 911 cat at the top. There's a ton of stuff on her site that could keep even my mind occupied for a good while.

I'm going to keep looking up sites when I'm at those moments between ideas. I love that when I read a good book, I can immediately go to the web and find out about the person who gave me the story.

 Have a great website? Any suggestions, please pass them along.

Before I close, here's one more site I stumbled on in my search. It spoke to me, and unfortunately probably reveals more about me than I want people to know.

a funny site


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